Welcome to the Chakra Card blog

We started this blog to keep fans of the Chakra Cards up-to-date with the latest news, products and interpretations of the Chakra Cards. We encourage you to make it a place that you can interact with one another, to connect, holding space for others to be completely themselves.

The way the Chakra Cards work is to empower you to self-reflect. When you see a question, try not to get into your head too much, but instead, embrace the feelings that come up with the card. The blogs contain tips, research and further questions to help you to dig deeper. By sharing your story in the comments, others may be able to identify things that you haven’t but also it allows you to put into writing your story. When we are able to identify the stories, we are then able to own them and take responsibility for our role in them.

We encourage you to journal, discuss, reflect and connect because ultimately we are all our own healers and we are all here for each other.

In love,

Alyssa @ChakraCards

©Alyssa Curtayne 2017

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