Would you speak in public?

blue 13july17

Blue – Throat Chakra – Ether element – Expression –

Speaking your truth, finding your voice, knowledge.

How do you feel about public speaking, particularly if you had something personal to say?

On the very first shuffle, this card just turned itself over and sat there. I expected a question on singing or expression to pop up, but the cards are never wrong, as divination tools work in mysterious ways.

Everyone has a story. I see some of you blushing and saying that they don’t, but everyone’s story is unique, interesting and everyone has the right for their voice to be heard. We might not want to hear what some people have to say, but they have the right to speak their truth.

Ultimately this question is about how comfortable we are in speaking our truth, it doesn’t really matter who we are speaking to, whether it’s to ourselves in the mirror, someone close or an audience. The world is full of “spiritual” leaders, but the reality that they are only speaking from where they are. They are speaking their truth. This question may also relate to an issue that you might have in a relationship with a lover, family member, colleague or child. It might be that you have trouble speaking up about something quite personal.

According to Katz[1], up to 85% of people experience anxiety for public speaking and this includes experienced public speakers. Many jobs require some level of speaking in-front of others and the most common fears include embarrassment, making mistakes, being centre of attention or being judged. Other fears are about what we have to say; sharing our personal qualities, sharing us – our expertise, our experiences, our stories. Like many fears, social anxiety can create more of itself the more that we think about it and our confidence in ourselves. “A social phobia appears to be a strong desire to convey a favourable impression of oneself to others and marked insecurity about one’s ability to do so.”[2] That is, we worry about what others will think about us.

Whether we like it or not there will be lots of opportunities for public speaking in our lives. It may be to a massive audience, a small one or to individuals in our lives. Often, it’s easier to speak about ourselves and our deepest feelings to strangers, than to the people closest to us. As an English teacher, we provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice public speaking, as it is an important life skill. But for most adults, there aren’t many opportunities for practice apart from public speaking clubs such as Rostrum or Toastmasters.  But ultimately this card is about our fears around how we are perceived by others and how much value we place on other people’s opinions.

Further questions to reflect on for this card include:

Do I fear speaking in public?

What is it that I fear about public speaking?

What story of mine do I wish to share?

Who I wish I could speak up to?

How would it feel if I shared my story?

What’s the worst thing that would happen if I were to speak my truth?

There’s an abundance of tips online for practicing public speaking, but the best advice is finding underneath what the deep fear is. It is only through digging deep to find the fear that you can take the steps towards embracing public speaking.

I encourage you to leave your answers below and we will hold space for you and offer a space of healing.

In love,

Alyssa @Chakra Cards

©Alyssa Curtayne, 2017



[1] Katz, Louise, 2000, Public Speaking Anxiety, University of Tennessee at Martin Counseling and Career Services.
[2] Heimberg, Richard G. (Ed.), 1995, Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment, Guildford Press

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