The Chakra Card range of products were designed with YOU in mind. They were designed to help people to stop seeking answers outside and start to trust the inner knowledge and guidance that we all have inside us.

The basic premise of the Chakra Cards is asking questions. At its most basic, the Chakra Cards are questions that prompt internal dialogue, journalling, conversation or as a discussion prompt for groups. They are non-denominational and tap into those deep questions that we never truly ask ourselves.

For those interested in energy healing, they provide a deeper level of reflection. Emotion is stored in our bodies as energy and using the Chakra Cards in this form gives us the opportunity to bring up those emotions for reflection and acceptance. When we deny what we feel it brings us great unhappiness, and denial is the first stage of grief. We want to eventually come to a level of acceptance about our life experiences that no longer trigger an emotional response. For a great video on the stages of grief, this one minute video is a humorous look at it.

Ultimately, the goal of us here at Chakra Cards is to bring about more connection in our beautiful planet; to ourselves, each other and the planet itself that we call home. And so, we begin, like Gandhi said by “being the change we wish to see in the world.”

Coming soon, an online store. Until then, follow us on Facebook

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